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"Hmph, worthless creature-- are you finished yet?"

a v a r i t i a
s u p e r b i a
i r a

Strike one .

Strike two ..

Strike three ...


"Let's get the show started, shall we?..."

"After all, a kind death is in your right!"

-- p a s t --

Veigas is a Demon from the high ranking Terre tribe. He has been known to wander to various worlds bringing destruction to all before him. He thrives on chaos and devastation and pursued and caused these things wherever he went.

Eventually he returned home and found that most of his tribe had been slain by creatures from a world known as Aernas. Form then on he swore to make Aernas his next target and to bring about the end to all those who stood in the way of his goal.

-- i n f o --

Muse || 1 2 3 4 5 6 [7] 8 9 10
Reply speed || slow [medium] fast
Ask box || Open

Coding credits to Ask-Elesis / Elbunny
All art belongs to KoG (Developers of Grand Chase franchise)

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Ask-GCVeigas's Profile Picture
Messiah of Destruction
♠ . j u s t as you H O P E D it wouldn't get W O R S E --
"It's lovely, how easily your dreams are crushed." . ♥

-- p r o f i l e --

name || Veigas Terre
age || Unknown
gender || male
height || 163 cm
Blood Type || AB
Birthday || September 12 (Virgo)
Hobby ||Talking with Deus
Likes || Destruction
Dislikes || Those that go against him
Weak point || Height
Origin || Terre Family of Elyos

-- P e r s o n a l i t y --

He is vain, proud, powerful, and greedy. He doesn't understand anything less than being treated as a noble-- and as a noble, his favorite show is called [Death]. Sadistic and cunning with the appearance of a little boy, he manipulates people into getting what he desires. He is powerful.
He doesn't know what "hope" is.
"Hope" will be his undoing. . . .


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shiroganeRyo Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
(Happy birthday! At least that's what dA told me haha :'3c)
Ask-Gran Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
[ Hey there, small... thing. ] 
beginernew Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2016

You’re not causing havoc and destruction all over the world and dimensions :v are you now?


(Yo. Long time no chat... how are you? I'm feeling 6cm shorter than Veigas XD. I haven't been in DA for who knows how long so I don't really know what's the activity around the ask accounts. is everything ok? There seemed like there's not much activity going on. or it's just me.)

Ask-GCVeigas Featured By Owner Edited Jan 21, 2016
"Heheh, I'll already been doing it if I have that opportunity. But you know what? I choose not to because there will be no more destruction when the world know what I'm saying? Now feel grateful! >D "

((ooc: Sup, friend! Whoa I've never been so pumped to see new notifications pops up from here lol! It has been so long since I last talk to a human/?/ Everything is fine as always, how about you? Admin is a little busy for life(sort of) so I just poke around here whenever I can! 8D For here, the ask account is still active, I think Grandark is alive, too! Other people either goes off to tumblr or just simply is kinda sad but oh well :c))
beginernew Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2016
"Now if you put it that way... The world is your playground after all. No world no fun then :3 I'm going to team up with you because I’m probably just a weak mortal in your eyes and probably a burden and maybe ruin your life a bit in the process :p Need a sensei ( ‘-‘)"

((Ah yeah... I kind of left this place for a bit because surfing the net isn't my stuff anymore (DA in my phone is being shitty) . I nearly forgot about this place. Still I can't do that since this is my first art site also peeps are friendly in this community. And I kind of notice lots of stuff going less alive then they used to be. (Last time I access DA the ask accounts are very active that they keep on getting questions.

I'm fine here just I finally realize that what actually took my time a lot is that School starts at 8 in the morning then end at 5 in the afternoon... So there's only little time left to do what I want to do.

It's nice that Grandarc is still on. Still It's a shame... Did the ask account went less active ever since GC close down? because that's the last time I saw they're still active. Might be nice to revive the community though. GC is my First MMORPG and the one that inspire me to draw. still it's either they're busy with life or their passion died down(?) since no one get interested with the Ask anymore?))

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